BioWasher 100

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◆ BioWasher 100 Gravity-fed Microplate Washer
◆ 8-channcl Dispenser
◆ Microplate base


Features :
◆ Economical
BioWasher 100 is a manual dispenser by utilizing the force of gravity, ideal for washing immunoassays in 96-well microplate for ELISA procedure or similar applications.
◆ Convenient operation
Unique designed plate base can accept flexible placement of 96-well microplate in flat or upward-sloping way that can reduce residues more efficient.
◆ No cross contamination
There are 2 separate rows of tiny S.S. tubes in different length on 8-channel dispenser. The shorterrow is used to distribute washing solution and the longer row is used to suck waste liquid. The 2-row design can avoid cross contamination.
◆ Autoclavable
The main body of 8-channel dispenser is made of PTFE and its 2-row of tubes are made of SUS 304. Both have a long working life and are autoclavable.

Installation diagram :

To feed the 8-channel dispenserenough gravity to dispense, buffer bottle must be placed 60 cm above plate base.
* Waste Bottle (2L) and Buffer Bottle (4L) are optional

Applications :
◆ ELISA washing procedure
◆ 96-well microplate washing and dispensing

Ordering Information :
◆ 196100-01 BioWasher 100 Gravity-fed Microplate Washer
◆ 196811-00 8-channcl Dispenser
◆ 196100-04 Waste Bottle (2L)
◆ 196100-02 Microplate base
pecification : 
◆ Min. height: Buffer bottle must be placed 60 cm above plate base.
◆ Hose barb: 3/16 in. (5 mm)
◆ Material
 8-channel dispenser: PTFE
 Dispensing tube: SUS304
 Plate base: Acrylic
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